Youth & Faculty Retreats

Since Holy Family's founding in 1951, we have offered day and weekend retreats for teens. Designed to be fun as well as theologically sound, our youth retreats emphasize liturgy and discussion and provide ways for teens to connect Church teachings with everyday life. They challenge teens spiritually to become more grounded in their faith. 

In addition to our scheduled events, Holy Family also offers day retreats for Catholic school students and faculty during the year which can be scheduled at your convenience.

Confirmation Retreats

We invite your parish's Confirmation class and other high school youth to experience the tranquility of this holy place through a variety of experiences. The program for these Sunday afternoon retreats incorporate Holy Family's retreat theme for the season. Included in the program is: a catechetical component, prayer experience, cooperation activity, a beautiful Reconciliation service with the help of Holy Family's very talented musicians, and a delicious dinner provided by our executive chef, Joe Ethier.

Catholic School Days

We invite Catholic school communities here to experience the tranquility of this holy place. We hope to support the important work our Catholic schools do by offering a welcoming and peaceful place for your students and faculty to be renewed. Our Catholic school day retreats include small-group discussion and sharing about our retreat theme, a prayer experience, mass, lunch and often a project that can be taken home as a momento of our day together.

Faculty Retreats

We understand the frantic pace of Catholic education.  We look forward to welcoming Catholic school teachers to rest, reflect, and relax here at Holy Family. On our faculty retreat days, we offer a dynamic conference to address the particular needs of working in a Catholic school environment.  We also offer a variety of workshops to strengthen the retreat experience such as centering prayer, faith-sharing, personal prayer time, labyrinth and spiritual direction.

We also offer the following overnight retreats and summer camps.