JustFaith at Holy Family


Just Faith Ministries was birthed in the effort to invite and prepare people of faith for the life-changing and world-changing call of the Gospel to help heal the world and, in so doing, experience a deeper faith, a more fulfilling life, and a community of care and vitality.” – Jack Jezreel, Founder 

Formed in January 2015, the JustFaith group at Holy Family started with 15 individuals on a 27-week journey of study and discussion based on the JustFaith Ministries nationwide program, which is designed to gain an understanding of the root causes of many of our broken social systems in the US and abroad. Topics included poverty, racism, immigration and refugees, homelessness and more. 

Since completing the program, the group has opened its arms to the broader faith community at Holy Family and volunteers in areas of poverty, racism, immigration, women’s mental health and prison reform. In addition to a variety of volunteer opportunities, the JustFaith group also hosts a variety of events throughout the year to raise public awareness about these issues.  

We continue to welcome members of the Holy Family Faith Community to become involved in our Just Faith efforts in any manner they feel called. Please contact Charley Herbert or Karen Herbert for more information.