Frequently Asked Questions about Mass Cards

What is the difference between an "enrollment” and a "supply"?

Enrollment Orders (Offering is made when placing your order)

There are two types of Enrollments available: One Year Enrollments into the Altare Dei Society and Perpetual enrollments into the Benefactors Society 

One Year Enrollment (all card styles): The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is celebrated 100 times a year by the Passionist Community for the benefit of Altare Dei members, both living and deceased. The Altare Dei Society (“To the Altar of God”) was founded in 1952 by Holy Family for the spiritual welfare of members enrolled by the retreatants and friends of the Passionist Community.

Perpetual Enrollment (all folder styles): Members of the Benefactors Society share perpetually in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered daily in every Passionist Community. Members also share in special prayers and good works of every Passionist priest, brother and seminarian.

Supply Orders (Offering is made when you submit your enrollment slip)

If you are not ready to enroll someone at this time, many find it convenient to order a supply of Holy Family Mass cards or folders to keep on hand.  Once you decide to use your supply, simply fill out the card or folder and mail it to the person or family you wish to notify. Then return the enrollment form along with your offering to Holy Family in the envelope provided.

How is the Christmas Novena enrollment different from the other card and folder enrollments?

The donation is $9.00 per card. The Christmas Novena enrollment is a series of nine masses said for your intentions throughout the Christmas season.

How many cards or folders can I order to keep as a supply?

Due to our stock limitation we ask that you limit your request for Mass cards to 6 and Mass folders to 2. There is a fee for shipping and handling per folder only. Cards are free to order 6 per request.

Are cards and folders available directly from the Retreat Center?

Yes, you may come to Holy Family during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm. For specific requests please contact the Mass card office at 860-521-6709.