Help us pave the way for the future…

The access driveways and parking areas at Holy Family are in dire need of an overhaul, as potholes and damaged areas are becoming more numerous and more hazardous to navigate. At $600,000, the cost of the paving is significant. Through the grace of God and thanks to our loyal friends, we have had a terrific response to our fundraising efforts, and have raised $485,000 since September. But the balance we need to raise is still a staggering $115,000.
With nearly 20,000 people coming to our campus every year – many of them elderly – your donation towards our goal will help to ensure that they do so safely and efficiently, to sustain our ministry for years to come.

Please make a donation today and help us pave the way for the future – the future generations who will enjoy Holy Family, much the same way that you have. One-time gifts or pledges are welcome.