Christian Contemplative Experience


By embracing the Christian Contemplative Tradition, Holy Family seeks to affirm the oneness of all Christians and to transcend our outward differences by joining together in silent prayer.  Our purpose is to provide a space where Christians can meet, share and pray together in the unity of the contemplative tradition. Learn more about the Christian Contemplative Tradition from our friends at Contemplative Outreach.

Holy Family is informed by the principles, prayer practices and teachings of Contemplative Outreach, LTD founded by Thomas Keating in 1984 which include the methods of Lectio Divina, Centering Prayer and Welcoming Prayer among others. Holy Family offers workshops and retreats on the insights, teachings and methods of Contemplative Outreach as well as various classical and modern Christian spiritual masters.

Contemplative Prayer Group

This group focuses on Welcoming Prayer, Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina and meets on the first and third Thursday of the month to share in an evening of prayer, teaching and dialogue.

Introductory Workshops

Our introductory workshops are open to all interested in Contemplative Prayer and will introduce everyone to the variety of practices. No prior knowledge or experience of Contemplative Prayer is required.

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Enrichment Days

Our enrichment days provide an immersion experience of Contemplative Prayer and Community along with teaching and small group sharing led by the best qualified and experienced Christian Contemplative teachers and leaders from around the country.

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Annual Day of Reflection

This enriching day of Contemplative Retreat, Prayer, Teaching and Community promotes going deeper into Contemplative union with God and with one another. 

Overnight Retreats

Overnight Retreats and intensives provide an opportunity for extended time in silent practice under the guidance of a master teacher and with the support of a community of practitioners.

Living Flame

Designed to teach the vital conceptual background needed to support a faithful practice of Centering Prayer, this program includes seven full-day Saturday sessions offering in-depth spiritual study presented by commissioned presenters from across the country.